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LEXIA Avvocati entered into an agreement with Endeavor Italia to assist innovative Start-Ups approaching the capital market

Milan, September 22, 2017 - LEXIA Avvocati entered into a partnership with Endeavor Italia to assist innovative Start-Ups with high growth potential approaching the capital market.

Francesco Dagnino – ICLG (The International Comparative Legal Guide): Alternative Investment Funds 5th Edition 2017

Francesco Dagnino authored the 2017 ICLG (The International Comparative Legal Guide) Italy Chapter on Alternative Investment Funds.

Alessandro Dagnino – Global Legal Insights: Italian Corporate Tax 2017

Alessandro Dagnino authored the Italian Chapter of the 2017 Global Legal Insights: Corporate Tax 2017, Fifth Edition.

LEXIA Avvocati becomes legal partner of the “Invest in Lombardy” project

LEXIA Avvocati becomes legal partner of  "Invest in Lombardy" project to assist foreign companies that intend to invest in Italy and Italian companies that intend to expand abroad Milan, May 24, 2017 - LEXIA Avvocati, the interdisciplinary [...]

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