Lexia Avvocati collaborated with the media company GLG in the production of the ICLG Guide “Corporate Immigration Laws and Regulations 2022-2023 in Italy“. The guide explains the updated immigration legislation in Italy. In particular, it examines the typologies and features of visas and permits for those coming from non-Schengen states and wishing to come to Italy for work or business purposes.

The main topics addressed in the guide are:

  • Regulatory framework on corporate immigration and relevant authorities in Italy;
  • Insight into the different types of visas and permits including: Business Visa, Talent Visas, Investment Work Permits, Temporary Work Permits, Remote Working Visas, New Hire Work Permits, Group or Intra-Company Transfer Work Permits etc;
  • Immigration Compliance and illegal labour;
  • Conditions of Stay and permanent residence;
  • Barriers to Admission.

Read the full guide here.