Lexia Avvocati collaborated with the media company GLG in the production of the ICLG Guide “Corporate Immigration Laws and Regulations 2022-2023 in Italy“. The guide, written by lawyer Mrs. Maria Teresa Vanacore, explains the updated immigration legislation in Italy. In particular, it examines the typologies and features of visas and permits for those coming from non-Schengen states and wishing to come to Italy for work or business purposes.

The main topics addressed in the guide are:

  • Regulatory framework on corporate immigration and relevant authorities in Italy;
  • Insight into the different types of visas and permits including: Business Visa, Talent Visas, Investment Work Permits, Temporary Work Permits, Remote Working Visas, New Hire Work Permits, Group or Intra-Company Transfer Work Permits etc;
  • Immigration Compliance and illegal labour;
  • Conditions of Stay and permanent residence;
  • Barriers to Admission.

Read the full guide here.