Milan, January 08, 2019 – LEXIA Avvocati, with the team composed by the partner Francesco Dagnino and the associates Aurora Agostini and Alessandro Rossi, has assisted TAS S.p.A. (listed on the stock exchange)  leader in Italy in the software supply and services for banking and financial applications, in relationship to the aspects by italian law related to the acquisition of the whole share, equal to the 80% of the capital, held by the Group Nexi in Bassilichi CEE, with legal center to Belgrado. For the aspects by Serb law TAS S.p.A. has been assisted from the law firm Mihaj Law, with the partner Vladimir Mihaj.

The Group NEXI, leader in the performance of services of payment, has been assisted from the law firm Baker McKenzie, with a team composed by the partner Alberto Fornari and from the associate Sara Belotti.

Bassilichi CEE is a specialized society in the development and in the installation of bases for the management of transactions through POS, ATM, kiosks self-service and mobile device, as well as, in the planning and development of products application software for electronic payments mainly for banks, financial institutions and commercial activity; it holds society checked in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro.


LEXIA Avvocati was established thanks to connection of the professional experience of its founding partners – Alessandro Dagnino, Francesco Dagnino, Vincenzo Sanasi D’Arpe – and it involves almost forty other practitioners in the most important areas of law, with particular know-how on corporate law and financial markets, M&A, tax law, real estate, extraordinary administration and winding-up procedures, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The law firm has three offices in Italy, in Milan, Rome and Palermo, and offices in London and Skopje. 


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