A lectio on “The sources of Italian and European Legal System and Constitutional Interpretation” will be held to selected Students of some prestigious American Universities on June 3 and 26, 2019, and later on July 29, 2019, along with Prof. Avv. Vincenzo Sanasi d’Arpe and the Collaborators of the Law Firm, Prof. Avv. Francesco Longobucco (Roma Tre University), Phd Avv. Francesca Cerri and Phd Avv. Maria Capozza. Some hard cases, taken from the Italian Law Journal (ESI, Naples) and selected in order to stimulate debate and critical reflection on relevant legal issues in the Italian and European jurisprudence, will be discussed with the visiting Students. Classes will be organized by Lex Fellowship from Arlington County. Phd Students and Phd in Law from various Italian Universities will be also invited to attend the meetings (Dr. Luca Perriello, as Senior Associate Editor of The Italian Legal Journal, Dr. Francesco Saverio Porcelli, Dr. Simone d’Orsi, Dr. Gaetanino Rajani, Dr. Giancarlo Giandotti).