The technological innovations linked to the development of blockchain are revolutionizing – through a rapid and inexorable disintermediation process – the financial services industry (Financial Technology) and will soon radically change the legal services industry (Legal Technology) as well.

We are the first law firm in Italy to have created a group dedicated to the study of legal, fiscal, and regulatory issues related to the supply and brokering of digital products, tools and services through peer-to-peer platforms based on so called Distributed Ledger Technology (an example of which is blockchain), such as:

  • Cryptocurriencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin etc.);

  • Smart contracts;

  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering), i.e. the release of new cryptocurriencies (digital token) used to finance new companies;

  • Self-driving contracts.

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