We have a significant and recognised expertise in tax law. We assist companies and individuals both on contentious and non-contentious matters.

Assistance in Each Step of the Tax Relationship

We assist clients in all phases of the tax relationship, including tax planning, tax audit, tax assessment, tax litigation and tax collection.

We have achieved many positive results in tax litigation, which has made us a reference point for many professionals, enterprises, public authorities and professional associations.

We have developed specific expertise in asset protection and in the setting up of trusts.

Mergers and Acquisitions – corporate restructuring

We assist industrial and institutional clients in the context of domestic and international company restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and other extraordinary transactions, LBOs and MBOs, transfer of intellectual property rights and transfer of residence. Our services include assistance in transaction structuring, carrying out of tax due diligence, negotiating and drafting tax clauses in commercial agreements and assistance on tax ruling procedures with the tax authorities.

Assistance in Various Areas of Tax Law

We assist our clients in all areas of tax law, including:

  • Income Tax (IRPEF), Corporate Income Tax (IRES), Regional Tax on Productive Activities (IRAP) and Inheritance Tax;
  • VAT, Stamp Duty and Customs Duties;
  • Council Tax (ICI), Tax on Rubbish Removal (TARSU), Tax on the Occupation of Public Land (TOSAP), Tax on Advertising and other local taxes;
  • Single tax on prize contests, bets and gambles;
  • Single levy on games (PREU);
  • Tax reliefs;
  • Tax penalties;
  • Minor taxes and quasi taxes (e.g. T.I.A., tariff on official healthcare checks, etc.)

Assistance and Defence in Collecting Taxes

It is particularly worth noting the expertise we have gained on the defence of taxpayers in the context of tax collection law, i.e. in the phase of tax collection.

We are able to use ground-breaking defence strategies for the defence of taxpayers in the context of tax collection, which is run by companies belonging to the Equitalia Group.

We are able to intervene before tax expropriation, with tax appeals before first-tier and second-tier tax courts, as well as the Italian Supreme Court on:

  • Tax statements;
  • Seizure of registered moveable assets;
  • mortgage registration.

We also intervene after the expropriation has started, by commencing proceedings before the enforcement Judge in order to appeal against:

  • Seizure of immovable properties;
  • Sales of assets from tax collection procedures;
  • Garnishments.

Legal proceedings on tax collection aim at claiming all formal and substantive defects of the relevant tax assessments and deeds, in order to obtain the immediate suspension of the tax collection and the remission of undue sums.

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