Artificial Intelligence, what does the EU’s AI Act say: Biometric recognition tools banned at work


On the business pages of Quotidiano Nazionale Network, an interesting in-depth article about the AI Act, the world’s first legislation recently approved by the European Parliament to regulate Artificial Intelligence, is featured.

Developers and operators of artificial intelligence are provided with clear requirements and obligations regarding specific uses based on potential risks and impact levels. The regulation also sets limits, restricting the use of biometric identification systems by law enforcement.

Technological innovation, however, must not forget to protect individuals from potential abuses and harms resulting from the use of AI.

According to Aurora Agostini, interviewed on the topic, «Past examples show that a risk-based approach can lead to significant modifications or even the withdrawal from the market of problematic AI systems, suggesting how the AI Act could encourage more responsible and risk-aware innovation. In fact, there have already been several cases illustrating how the risk-based approach can influence the development, deployment, and regulation of artificial intelligence systems […]».

To delve deeper into the topic, the full article is available at the following link >

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