Lexia with Qualitas Energy Italia and L.P. Holding for the establishment of a joint venture aimed at the development of renewable energy power plants

Milan, 21 July 2023 - Qualitas Energy (a leading international investment fund manager focusing on renewable energy, energy transition, and sustainable infrastructure), in the context of the joint venture already established with L.P. Holding S.r.l. [...]

July 24th 2023|Categories: Energy, Focus, Mergers and Acquisitions, Press Releases|

Lexia promotes 6 Counsels

Milan, 17 January 2023 - Lexia Avvocati announces the introduction of the Counsel role and the appointment of six professionals - formerly Senior Associates of the firm - in this position: Pinella Altiero, Aurora Agostini, [...]

January 17th 2023|Categories: Focus, Press Releases|