Milan, 26th March 2020 – LEXIA Avvocati, with a team coordinated by the founding partner Francesco Dagnino and the associates Andrea Massimo Maroni and Marco Stefanini, assisted Retelit Digital Services S.p.A. (“RDS” or the “Offeror“) and Retelit S.p.A. (“Retelit” or the “Issuer“) – a company listed on the STAR Segment of the MTA of Borsa Italiana – with the legal aspects involved in the partial takeover bid (OPA) made by RDS for a portion of the ordinary shares of the parent company Retelit, which holds the entire share capital of RDS, pursuant to Article 2359-bis of the Italian Civil Code.

The offer concerns a maximum of 11,875,000 ordinary shares of Retelit, equal to 7.23% of the Issuer’s share capital.

The Offeror aims to acquire, within a short time frame, a significant number of ordinary shares of the Issuer to be used as consideration  in the context of the purchase by the Offeror of a number of shares with voting rights equal to 100% of Brennercom S.p.A.’s share capital.

The Offeror also aims to use the Issuer’s shares as consideration in other possible extraordinary transactions, including share for share exchanges, and in service to the Issuer’s long-term incentive plan.

The transaction is particularly innovative, since it is the first takeover bid launched in Italy by an unlisted subsidiary of the listed parent company.

Intermonte acted as financial advisor to the Offeror. Intermonte is also the intermediary in charge of coordinating the collection of the acceptances of the OPA.