WEBINAR | Extra-EU Transfer of Personal Data: The Case of Google Analytics


Aurora Agostini and Jessica Giussani from the Data & Technology Innovation team speak at the webinar organized by 24 Ore Business School.

Implications from the declaration of illegitimacy of the Google Analytics platform; future changes and alternative solutions to process online data in a GDPR-compliant manner.


October 18, 2022, from 4 to 5 pm.

How to participate?

The participation is free. Registration is available here.

For years, Google Analytics has been the most widely used tool for marketers and non-marketers to analyze traffic data on their websites. It is such a common platform that now its illegitimacy is difficult to comprehend. Above all, it makes us face the obligation to find alternative solutions that are not only valid but also compliant.

In particular, the provisions of the Italian Data Protection Authority now push us to take a broader view of the activities we conduct daily via the Web.

First of all, data processing does not begin and end within the perimeters of our company: having up-to-date and consistent management systems, websites and privacy policies are not enough. It is necessary to map all the tools used, proprietary and otherwise, to assess their compatibility with what the GDPR requires.

Secondly, it is an issue of accountability and transparency toward its users. The changes we face can lead us to explore alternative paths, which do not necessarily negatively affect our business or marketing activities. On the contrary, they allow us to establish a more solid and enduring relationship of trust with our customers.

During the online meeting organized by 24 Ore Business School, Aurora Agostini and Jessica Giussani from Lexia Avvocati’s Data & Technology Innovation team will guide us in understanding the new privacy provisions and lead us toward adopting alternative solutions.

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