Lexia will participate in EspoGame 2023, the leading business event for the Esports, Gaming, and Web 3.0 sectors. Organized by Osservatorio Italiano Esports of which we are a partner, EspoGame represents an important networking opportunity for operators, allowing the sharing of trends, best practices, and innovations, as well as providing a platform for meeting speakers, leaders, and companies.


15-16 March 2023


Fiera di Rimini

Lexia will have a physical and virtual stand on Nemesis’ metaverse during the event, showcasing its recognized leadership in assisting companies operating in rapidly evolving and highly regulated sectors such as Gaming, Blockchain, Technology, and FinTech. In particular, Lexia will have the opportunity to talk about the rise of football in the eSports world and the legal implications for new players.

Technological advancements have brought innovations to many sectors, including sports, and football is a prime example of this evolution. With the advent of FIFA and online gaming modes, many companies, both Italian and international, have entered the eSports sector. Lexia has dealt with the issues connected to these sectors with some innovative startups.

During the event, Lexia will address the legal aspects related to these developments. We will discuss intellectual property assets, such as protecting trademarks and using images of footballers or football clubs’ intellectual property assets. We will mention licensing agreements for the economic exploitation of images, but not only that: we will also address other regulatory aspects, such as the use of tokens and privacy protection.

The goal is to create a sustainable business in line with legal norms, allowing for the growth of sports games linked to the web. Lexia is ready to play its part, bringing its experience and expertise to protect iits clients assets.

Check out the event website for more info.