Notification for the cross-border operation of UCITS and AIF management companies


In the Official Journal of the European Union of March 25, 2024, EU regulations were published aimed at regulating the content and format of notification communications to the Supervisory Authorities for the cross-border marketing of UCITS and for the cross-border operation of UCITS and AIF management companies.

These regulations reflect the outcome of public consultations conducted by ESMA and aim to facilitate the cross-border operation of funds while ensuring investor protection and market integrity. With the implementation of standardized models and the adoption of electronic procedures for communication, a positive impact on the operational efficiency of management companies is expected, enhancing their ability to operate in a cross-border context.

The entry into force of the regulations, set for July 14, 2024, for Implementing Regulation (EU) 2024/910 and June 25, 2024, for Delegated Regulations (EU) 2024/911 and 2024/912, marks another step towards the integration and harmonization of the European financial market.

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