The new EU Blue Card in Italy


In October 2023, some important novelties were introduced by Law regarding the so-called EU Blue Card, which allows highly skilled non-EU workers to enter Italy.

However, the novelties were dormant and not applicable by the relevant public offices until 28 March 2024, when the implementing circular containing the necessary operational instructions was published.

The novelties are of utmost importance because, compared to the past, they a) enable a wider range of non-European workers to obtain an Italian residence permit, b) and streamline the related procedures.

In the first respect (a),the concept of a “highly-skilled” worker is greatly expanded by including not only non-EU nationals with a University Degree but also those who hold a professional licence obtained in another EU country or significant and proven professional experience in a field that requires technical knowledge and tasks that are not merely manual.

In the second respect (b),greater flexibility is introduced as to the movement of highly skilled non-EU workers from one EU country to another and from one employer to another once they arrive in Italy; some acceleratory procedural tools are strengthened to speed up the worker’s entry into Italy; and some burdens and disincentives against the employer are removed.

So, the Italian legislator seems genuinely intent on favouring all Italian companies that wish to benefit from foreign experts and talents by facilitating the entry into Italy of highly skilled workers even when non-European.

An in-depth explanation of the news summarized above is available in the attached paper.

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