The team specialized in Administrative Law and Public Finance has expertise in litigation before the competent courts for administrative justice and accounting justice issues.


Administrative litigation

We defend our clients before the Administrative Courts of first instance and second instance (Council of State and Council of Administrative Justice for the Sicilian Region) in appeals against administrative decisions and regulations relating to public finance (establishment of new revenues) and market control.

We have developed strong expertise and successfully brought appeals in relation to:

  • local tax legislation adopted by municipal bodies (increase in local tax rates or extension of the tax base);
  • administrative decisions and regulations that introduce parafiscal taxes and similar forms of payment (tolls for car circulation adopted by local administrations, fees for concession renewals in the field of gaming and betting);
  • regulation that limits the freedom of businesses (review of concessions, establishment of taxes, regulation of distances between commercial establishments, urban planning tools, etc.).

Not only trade associations (such as Confcommercio), gaming and betting sector associations and consumer organisations, but also their members usually turn to our professionals. It is no coincidence that we have undertaken and successfully carried out tax and financial class actions, signed by hundreds of citizens and entrepreneurs, which the media have covered extensively.

Other practices
We offer complete assistance to our customers in the energy sector: authorization procedures, contracts, tenders, plant management and M&A operations in the energy sector.
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With its specialized focus on Public Finance, LEXIA provides assistance in disputes before the relevant courts for matters of accountability and consultancy in the interest of both public entities, local authorities, and companies.
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We provide consultancy and assistance in all phases of the tax assessment procedure for both the Revenue Agency and the Customs and Monopolies Agency as well as in matters of local taxes and quasi-tax duties.
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