Entering the Italian market presents many opportunities, but it is important to be prepared. Italy can count on a strong industrial base, advanced technological sectors and a growing startup ecosystem. With a skilled workforce and access to European markets, growth opportunities abound in sectors ranging from fashion and design to automotive and renewable energy. Furthermore, the Italian market offers access to a large consumer base and a hub of innovation and creativity. The proximity to other European markets and well-developed infrastructure further increase its attractiveness.

Regardless of the industry, foreign businesses should consider factors such as language barriers, different consumer preferences and complex bureaucracy. Understanding Italian corporate law, employment regulations and taxation is essential to avoid costly fines and setbacks that can hinder company growth. That’s why we’ve designed our services to guide foreign entrepreneurs and companies every step of the way, from establishment and management to sustainable growth.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our team of professionals collaborate across disciplines to deliver a holistic solution. Combining legal, financial and operational expertise, we ensure that all aspects of your company’s journey are integrated.

Our customers

Our clients come from a broad spectrum of industries, sizes and backgrounds. Our customized solutions are created to satisfy every specific need.

  • Startups and entrepreneurs

For growing startups and visionary entrepreneurs, the Italian market presents an interesting arena for turning innovative ideas into reality. Our services allow them to establish their presence and focus their efforts on growth.

  • Consolidated companies

Established companies looking to expand their global footprint find us a reliable partner. We work with these companies to integrate their operations into the Italian market, ensuring compliance with local laws, providing the best company formation options, optimizing taxes and managing the workforce efficiently.

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Our services are customized to provide SMEs with the most suitable company formation solutions and to take advantage of advantageous tax frameworks.

  • International investors

We offer a holistic approach that covers every aspect of market entry by foreign entities, allowing investors to deploy their resources with confidence and capitalize on the opportunities that Italy offers.

  • Innovative technological companies

Italy’s evolving tech scene attracts tech companies from around the world. With our expertise in intellectual property law, employee immigration and strategic tax planning, businesses can focus their energy on innovation.

  • Hospitality and tourism

Italy’s thriving hospitality and tourism sector presents unique opportunities. Our solutions address licensing, workforce management and industry-specific regulations, enabling companies in this sector to succeed.

Corporate services

We guide in selecting the appropriate company type, protecting intellectual property brands and obtaining all the documentation and licenses necessary to start the business. By making use of these services right from the start, foreign entrepreneurs ensure that they have all the essential legal and regulatory requirements in place to set up and run their business effectively.

Company formation services

  • Drafting of all documents necessary for the establishment of Newco (including the statute and the articles of association)
  • Registration of the Newco director(s) with the Italian Revenue Agency, including obtaining the tax code
  • Participation and signature on behalf of the client of the deed of incorporation at an Italian public notary and payment of notary fees and other out-of-pocket expenses
  • Filing of the notarial deed and other required documents with the Italian Company Register
  • Assistance in opening a company bank account
  • Domiciliation service

Ancillary services

  • Commercial licenses Apostilles, legalizations and notarizations
  • Sworn translations
  • Trademark registration
  • Company liquidation

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International mobility

We offer comprehensive assistance in complying with immigration laws, regulations and procedures. Our services facilitate the transfer and mobility of personnel, promoting their integration into the Italian market.

Business immigration

  • Business visas
  • Options for Italian visas, work and residence permits for highly skilled workers
  • Blue Card and golden visa work permits
  • Work permits for transnational transfer
  • Work permits for service contracts
  • Visa options for entrepreneurs and startups
  • Self-employment visas for freelancers
  • Self-employment visas for directors or auditors of an Italian company

Corporate immigration consultancy

  • Assessment to assess eligibility for an Italian visa and residence permit or citizenship
  • Legal advice to identify the most suitable visa or citizenship application
  • Legal assistance for the request for security clearance, visa and residence permit
  • Evaluation and collection of the required documentation
  • Legal representation before the authorities

Replacement services

  • Integration agreement
  • Registration for Italian residency
  • Registration in the health system
  • Request for identity card and tax code
  • Request for an Italian passport
  • International transfer of goods and pets
  • Driving license conversions, etc.
  • Assistance for enrollment in public or private schools and universities

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Human resources management

We provide workforce management outsourcing services to foreign entrepreneurs in Italy, managing activities such as payroll, drafting employment contracts, managing benefits administration and workforce restructuring.

Labor law

  • Drafting of personalized employment contracts
  • Management of individual issues through the resolution of specific disputes and conflicts in employment matters
  • Assist executives and CEOs by providing specialized advice to senior employees on complex employment matters
  • Due diligence in judicial disputes thorough preparation for strong representation in judicial disputes relating to employment
    ADR/Out-of-court litigation
  • Daily assistance providing ongoing support to HR departments to adapt practices to labor laws
  • Processes for managing redundancies and redundancies


  • Onboarding of companies and employees
  • Pay slip processing
  • Monthly and annual communications to public bodies
  • Calculation and monthly payment of withholdings and payments due (F24)
  • Management of variables due to illness, accident, maternity leave, holidays
  • Management of the TFR destination

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Accounting and taxation

We provide tax outsourcing services, including planning, preparation and submission of tax returns in accordance with Italian laws, tax audits, tax dispute resolution, tax research, consultancy on international tax issues and support in developing tax strategies to maximize efficiency tax and reduce tax liabilities.


  • Developing tax-efficient strategies for businesses engaged in cross-border operations.
  • Assistance to businesses in compliance with Italian tax laws, including corporate income tax, value added tax (VAT), withholding taxes and other tax obligations.
  • Provide legal representation and support in resolving tax disputes with Italian tax authorities.
  • Conducting comprehensive tax due diligence for international businesses involved in mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures with Italian entities.
  • Ensure compliance with transfer pricing regulations when conducting transactions between related parties in Italy and abroad.
  • Identify and assist businesses in accessing relevant tax incentives, credits and exemptions offered by the Italian authorities.


  • Drafting of financial statements and audits.
  • Management of the financial aspects of cross-border transactions.
  • Ensure compliance with Value Added Tax (VAT) regulations and customs duties when conducting import/export business with Italy.
  • Maintain accurate financial records for businesses operating in Italy according to local accounting requirements.

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Boat Registration Services

Discover comprehensive consulting services tailored for boat registration. Our guide covers everything from the classification of pleasure crafts, boats, and ships, registration benefits, and the necessary documentation for a seamless process.

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