LEXIA offers complete assistance to managers and employees throughout the employment relationship. Our services include the drafting and negotiation of contracts, consultancy on labor law issues in the event of mergers, acquisitions and other extraordinary operations, such as corporate restructuring and collective dismissals. Furthermore, we assist our clients in matters relating to pre-litigation and judicial employment disputes.

Additionally, our dedicated payroll team expertly manages payroll accounting compliance on behalf of our clients, freeing up resources for strategic HR initiatives. We take care of ever-changing calculations, tax obligations and regulations, providing end-to-end payroll solutions that ensure accurate tax deductions and the implementation of employee benefits.

Multidisciplinary Approach

We integrate the skills of our tax law and litigation departments, offering comprehensive support to our clients.

Our Customers

Thanks to extensive experience in managing both national and cross-border business matters and transactions, we extend our consultancy to Italian and international clients. Our diverse client base includes multinationals, SMEs and visionary start-ups seeking comprehensive solutions to the complexities of employment law.

Features of services

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Our services in the field of employment law

  • On-boarding of companies and employees: we manage relationships between companies and employees, ensuring a smooth and regulatory-compliant transition.
  • Drafting of personalized employment contracts: we specialize in drafting tailor-made employment contracts that take into account the specific needs of both employers and employees, safeguarding common interests.
  • Managing individual issues: Our expertise lies in addressing individual work-related challenges, offering pragmatic and strategic solutions.
  • Support for senior executives and employers: We provide comprehensive advice to senior executives and employers, guiding them through the employment law issues critical to their roles within organisations.
  • Judicial Litigation: We offer assistance in litigation cases providing clients with informed strategies to effectively deal with legal proceedings.
    ADR/Out-of-Court Litigation: We offer alternative methods of dispute resolution outside of the courtroom, ensuring efficient resolution of employment conflicts.
  • Daily HR support: Our ongoing guidance supports HR teams with real-time solutions to immediate work challenges.
  • Layoffs and downsizing: We ensure compliance with legal requirements and the protection of both employers and employees.
  • Workforce Management: By strategically supervising the workforce, we align HR practices with business objectives for optimal productivity and employee satisfaction.

Our accounting and payroll services

  • Payroll Processing: Our payroll processing management ensures accurate, compliant payslips for your employees.
  • Monthly and annual communications to public bodies: We take care of all necessary communications with public bodies on a monthly and annual basis, ensuring legal compliance.
  • Monthly calculation and payment of withholdings and payments due («F24»): management of calculations and timely payments, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.
  • Management of variables due to illness, injury, maternity, holidays: we manage variables resulting from illness, accidents, maternity and holidays.
  • TFR destination management: our complete consultancy covers the management of TFR (Termination Severance Indemnity) destinations, guaranteeing compliance and strategic decisions.
  • Clear and complete sharing of documents and information with the customer: we usually share with the customer, through our online solutions, all the official documents that we produce together with our payroll management.
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