LEXIA’s real estate and tax law team provides specialized services to a wide range of players in the Italian real estate sector, including domestic and foreign investors. In addition to our comprehensive services for Italian real estate entities, we are experts in assisting private foreign investors in the acquisition and management of real estate in Italy. Our team specializes in managing cross-border real estate transactions, ensuring that private foreign investors are well informed about the laws, regulations and dynamics of the Italian real estate market.

Additionally, our team of legal professionals offers comprehensive trust management and asset protection solutions to safeguard and optimize the wealth of individuals, families and businesses. The decision of which assets to place in a trust is crucial, which is why we offer support on a range of wealth management services, including legal advice, document drafting, tax assistance and wealth management with the aim of protecting assets and planning succession.

Our Customers

We have extensive experience advising and assisting Italian real estate companies, as well as developers, construction companies, private equity houses, real estate investment funds and asset management companies, ensuring their operations comply with Italian real estate laws and regulations . Furthermore, our experience in this sector allows us to support energy companies and renewable energy projects in addressing the specific challenges and opportunities they face, and to contribute in an informed way to the renewable energy sector in Italy.

Our clients also include high net worth individuals and property owners who are considering using trust funds for business activities or for their management of family assets.

Multidisciplinary approach

Our approach is designed to address the complexities inherent in providing legal and tax assistance in the real estate sector. We employ a multidisciplinary strategy involving our qualified legal and tax professionals, each with specialized experience in areas such as real estate development, administrative law, regulatory compliance, commercial agreements, mergers and acquisitions and financial and tax law. We also collaborate with both national and international partner real estate agencies.

Features of services

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Residential and commercial real estate transactions

We offer extensive support for real estate transactions in Italy, both residential and commercial. Our specialization extends to the acquisitions and sales of companies and real estate assets, ensuring solid investment opportunities. We excel at due diligence, asset valuation and lease review, overseeing real estate development processes and transaction documentation with precision.

We guide clients through various commercial real estate financing options, including loan agreements and structured finance solutions, optimizing mortgages and refinancing to secure sustainable ownership and financing arrangements. When it comes to real estate taxation, we handle tax planning and optimization, property tax appeals, legal and tax audits, as well as comprehensive accounting and regulatory compliance.

Trusts and asset management

Our team offers legal advice at every stage of establishing a trust, taking into consideration key factors such as selecting the type of trust, defining beneficiaries and drafting the necessary documents. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their financial and personal goals, creating tailored solutions that ensure maximum protection and growth of their assets. Our expertise in tax planning and estate management allows us to offer a comprehensive service that helps ensure our clients’ assets are managed effectively and in compliance with applicable laws.

Real estate for renewable energy real estate projects

We specialize in real estate transactions for the acquisition of land for renewable energy projects. Our team assists in the search and acquisition of suitable land, including due diligence to assess regulatory compliance, permitting and potential constraints. We work closely with clients to negotiate and draft purchase agreements, as well as resolve complex legal and regulatory issues related to renewable energy projects. Additionally, we provide advice on tax planning and transaction structuring to maximize financial benefits. Find out more.

Other practices

LEXIA has deep and recognized expertise in tax law matters and accounting services.

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We offer complete assistance to our customers in the energy sector: authorization procedures, contracts, tenders, plant management and M&A operations in the energy sector.
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