Prof. Avv. Vincenzo Sanasi D’Arpe

Practice Areas

  • Corporate
  • Corporate crisis
  • Litigation and arbitration


Vincenzo Sanasi D’Arpe is an Italian Supreme Court lawyer and founding partner of Lexia Avvocati. He has authored numerous monographs, publications and essays and honoured with prizes and awards (“Le ragioni della nuova politica” Award, 2013; Barocco Award, 2000 and 2009). He is one of Italy’s most recognized experts in the field of insolvency and restructuring proceedings.

He is currently:

  • Avvocato Cassazionista – Owner of Studio Legale Sanasi d’Arpe, Partner of Lexia Avvocati, professional association;
  • President of the Italian Committee for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP Italy);
  • CEO of Consap S.p.A.;
  • Member of the Board of Assonime;
  • Chairman of the XIII Subcommittee for the Bar Examinations – Session 2020;
  • Extraordinary Commissioner, in single-member body, of Cablelettra S.p.A. in Extraordinary Administration 1 (among the European leaders in the auto motive cabling sector with 9,000 employees in Italy, Poland, Tunisia, Brazil and China.);
  • Extraordinary Commissioner in a commissarial triad of Maflow S.p.A., Maflow Polska and MAN Servizi S.r.L. in Extraordinary Administration, among the European leaders in the production of rubber and aluminum hoses for automotive air conditioning systems (4,500 employees between Europe, Asia and South America);
  • Extraordinary Commissioner of Provincia Italiana della Congregazione dei Figli dell’Immacolata Concezione in Extraordinary Administration (IDI- SANITA’ GROUP) and ELEA S.p.A;
  • Liquidator of SO.GE.SI. S.p.A. (Unicredit Group);
  • Since 2013 – Chairman of the Supervisory Committee Mabo S.p.A. in Extraordinary Administration.

University appointments and related activities:

  • 2019 – Professor of Economic Law advanced course at the Department of Economics and Law, University of Rome La Sapienza. Historical-legal profiles of state intervention in the economy with particular reference to the regulation of the energy market to the discipline of the sector and its implications in terms of administrative and negotiating functions;
  • Member of the Scientific Committee DIMAF Journal of Insurance and Financial Market Law 2019;
  • 2004 – Extraordinary Professor of Economic Law at the Department of Economics, University of Rome Guglielmo Marconi – Holder of the Chair of “Public Controls on Business Crises;
  • Law of Corporate Crisis and Restructuring with special reference to the Governance of the Extraordinary Administration of Large Enterprises in Crisis;
  • Member of the Scientific Committee for Studies and Research of the DSEA at the Department of Business Economics, Guglielmo Marconi University for the macro area “Economics and Law” (IUS/04; IUS/05 and IUS/12);
  • Member of the Civil Commission at the National Council of Notaries;
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Legal Journal “Financial and Insurance Market Law.

He was:

  • President of the Incentive Commission for the Fondazione Valore Italia (Ministry of Economic Development);
  • Arbitration Chamber Counsel for the National Anti-Bribery Authority – Public contracts supervisory;
  • Supervisory Board Chairman of Fondazione Centro S. Raffaele del Monte Tabor (2012), SDA, Poste Mobile, Address Software, Postel Print, Poste e Tributi and Poste Assicura (Poste Italiane Group, 2009-12); Poste Italiane S.p.A. (2004-12);
  • Member of the Commission for the Reform of the Law on the Extraordinary Administration of large distressed groups (Ministry of Economic Development, 2009-10);
  • Inspector of the Ministry of Industry for fiduciary companies (1997-2001);
  • Vice Chairman and CEO of the SASTCA Consortium between Bull HN Italy S.p.A. and Olivetti S.E. S.p.A. (1992-94);
  • Consultant of the IRI-STET Group (1992-93), Honeywell-Bull Italy (1988-91), IRI Group-Italstat (1988-1991);
  • Advisor to the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning (1987-88);
  • Member of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Soficoop S.p.A;
  • Member of the Supervisory Committee of A. Merloni S.p.A. in Extraordinary Administration;
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors in Assicurazioni di Roma;
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of NOTARILIA: Scientific Journal of Civil, Commercial, Real Estate Law (2010-2017).

1The sale, under the terms indicated, of the Cablelettra group, turns out to be the only case within the scope of Law 270/99,
so-called Prodi bis, of reorganization through (unitary) sale of the group (relating only to industrial activities, excluding real estate assets) achieved at a value considerably higher than the appraisal, with maximum protection of employment levels.