Domenico Ielo

Sede Milano
(+39) 02 3663 8610

He obtained a law degree with honors from the University of Messina in 1994.

PhD at La Sapienza University of Rome.

Registered with the Milan Bar Association.

Contract lecturer in “Safety regulations” and lecturer at the Master’s Degree in Procurement and Contracts at the Milan Polytechnic. ​

He specializes in the following areas of public economic law; substantive and procedural administrative law; regulation of public services; proceedings before the independent authorities and appeal of the authorities’ acts; contracts and concessions; planning, planning, awarding, execution, litigation in public contracts; electronic communications. New technologies. Digital health; digital procurement; smart cities; ultra-wide band; innovation partnerships; radio and television; environmental law; antitrust law; health law; contracts, concessions; administrative and accounting litigation (cultivation of disputes before the administrative magistracies and the Court of Auditors; proposition of jurisdictional regulations and preliminary rulings before the Court of Justice; representation before the civil and tax magistrates on judgments relating to matters of public law).


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