Bonelli Erede, Legance and Lexia in Jobtech’s round

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Jobtech, a company operating in the field of IT recruiting services, temporary staffing and staff leasing, announced an investment round for a total amount of 7 million euros, with 5 million euros already subscribed by Oltre Impact SGR, as lead investor, on behalf of the «Oltre III» and «Oltre III Italia» funds.

BonelliErede assisted Oltre Impact SGR in the legal aspects of the transaction with a team composed of Giulia Bianchi Frangipane, a member of the Innovation and Digital Transformation Focus Team and head of the Startup and Venture Capital practice, Enrico Goitre, also a member of the Innovation and Digital Transformation Focus Team, and Stefano de Conciliis and Gaia Mussi. BonelliErede used beLab’s Transaction Services team coordinated by director Michel Miccoli and Giulia Impiombato Andreani for due diligence aspects.

Legance assisted Jobtech with a team composed of Giacomo Gitti, Andrea Tortora della Corte and Emilio De Niro, assisted by Marco D’Agostini and Cristina Roagna for labor law aspects.

Lexia Avvocati assisted Aziona Ventures S.r.l. (Jobtech’s majority shareholder), with a team composed of Francesco Dagnino and Stefano Corrà.

Notarial transactions were entrusted to Notary Giacomo Ridella of The Italian Notaries – Busani, Quaggia & Partners.

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