Milan, December 17, 2019 – LEXIA Avvocati assisted Bird Riders Italy S.r.l., better known as “Bird”, in the participation in the public tender issued by the Municipality of Turin for the sharing service of electric scooters.

Bird is a “last mile” electric vehicle sharing company dedicated to offering accessible and environmentally friendly transport solutions. Founded in 2017 by Travis VanderZaden, it is present in over 100 cities across Europe, U.S. and Middle East.

Bird scooters can replace more than a third of the car journeys shorter than three kilometres, thus Bird works closely with cities to help them solve their transport and pollution issues.

The operation was followed in all its phases, up to the obtaining the authorization by the Municipality of Turin, by LEXIA Avvocati with a team led by the Founding Partner Francesco Dagnino and the Of Counsel Domenico Ielo, as well as by the Of Counsel Paola Iatì and the associate Filippo Belfatto.