Lexia Avvocati at Blockchain Forum Italia 2022


Lexia Avvocati is a sponsor of the Blockchain Forum Italia 2022 event, this year in its fifth edition.

Blockchain Forum Italia is the main national event dedicated to blockchain technology and all related technologies. This year it is enriched with new meetings, discussions, and debates, thanks to the startup competition and a conference to be held in the metaverse.

Aurora Agostini will speak on Nov. 19, at 2 p.m., talking about the legal aspects to consider before bringing a business into the metaverse.

Bringing your company into the Metaverse: what are the implications?

 blockchain-forum-italia-intervento-lexia-We can imagine the Metaverse as a next step of the traditional relationships among humans on the internet through an immersive virtual world empowered by blockchain technology or augmented reality. The raise of such disruptive form of relationship among humans carries a number of new legal challenges. In some cases, existing legal schemes may clearly apply. In other cases, existing laws make an awkward fit, and courts may be tasked with novel issues of the application of the new technology. In still other cases, existing laws may prove insufficient to address problematic conduct, which may trigger passage of new laws and regulation.

The Metaverse offers numerous opportunities for companies wishing to approach it (e.g., to attract new prospects or develop customer loyalty).
However, entering the Metaverse requires an important preliminary assessment at the business and legal levels.

Moreover, “being in the Metaverse” by itself is not enough. It is necessary for companies to evaluate this step in the context of a broader strategic planning. Opening an office in the Metaverse can be an important opportunity, if well planned, to target a diverse group of potential customers, such as Gen Z, gamers, tech startups, and developers.
It can also be an alternative opportunity to meet and share experiences with customers, thus developing long-term engagement and relationships.


November 18-19, 2022.


Hangar21, inside Superstudio Più. Via Tortona 27, Milan.

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