Lexia at We Make Future in Rimini


Lexia will be participating in the We Make Future event, which will be held in Rimini from June 15th to 17th. We will have a dedicated booth and will be presenting two sessions on the topics of big data and the metaverse.


June 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2023


“Impatto dei Big Data sul diritto alla protezione dei dati personali: cosa devono sapere gli operatori digitali e i loro utenti.”

June 16th 2023
09:20 – 10:00

“Metaverso: quali legal challenges devono affrontare le realtà corporate nel Web 3.0?”

June 16th 2023
13:20 – 14:00


Fiera di Rimini, PAVILION A1 – STAND 317

The presentation by Aurora Agostini will provide insights into the historical development of big data, tracing its origins to the present era. Key aspects, characteristics, and methodologies of data collection and analysis will be explored. Special attention will be given to practical applications for businesses, as well as the everyday use of big data by consumers. Additionally, the introduction of machine learning will be examined to evaluate its impact on data collection, processing, and the implications for user privacy.

Giulietta Minucci‘s presentation will focus on the metaverse as an opportunity for businesses. It represents a dynamic arena for innovation and development, offering a wide range of applications including product promotion, networking, business growth, real estate, and investments. However, as this technological revolution progresses, it also brings new legal challenges. It is essential to stay mindful of existing regulations, anticipate their future evolution, and address privacy concerns while safeguarding consumer rights.

For more information about the event, please visit the dedicated website.

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