Our firm deals with relationships and negotiations involving private equity funds, co-investors and management, up to the conduct of rigorous due diligence analyses. We are committed to guiding our clients through every step of their investment journey. Our experience extends to assisting with equity investment negotiations, preparing partnership and LLC agreements, and creating effective compensation agreements.

The Lexia team stands out for its ability to solve problems in relation to complex transactions that require creativity and the rapid identification of innovative solutions.

Track records
We assisted the majority shareholder of a listed Italian company in the sale of its entire stake to a top-tier European private equity fund.
Our customers

We serve a very diverse client base, including private equity funds, target companies and other investors.
We provide advice on all legal and tax issues involved in company acquisitions by private equity funds or other investors. We also support client companies in preparing a sale to a private equity fund, providing advice on the valuation of the company, the structuring of the transaction and the negotiation of the terms of the agreement.

Other practices
We provide consultancy and assistance with business crisis in order to resolve disputes and mitigate the impact of a business crisis or tax debt. LEXIA's team protects the client's interests, ensure compliance with relevant laws, and work towards favorable resolutions to address financial difficulties.
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LEXIA represents a reference point in the Capital Markets sector. Our Equity Capital Markets (ECM) team is acknowledged in the market for its attitude towards innovation and the ability to conceive creative and innovative solutions that have made a lasting impact in the industry.
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LEXIA M&A's team is well-known for its ability to manage complex transactions that require creativity and the rapid identification of innovative solutions.
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We advise our clients on tax issues connected with their business projects and work together with the LEXIA teams advising on corporate and financial law.
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