Lexia With Neulabs in the acquisition of Pentra

Milan, 13 October 2023 – Lexia assisted Neulabs S.r.l., an innovative platform specializing in the purchase, creation, and development of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands on an international level, in the acquisition of Pentra GmbH. Pentra GmbH [...]

Lexia assists Xconnect Trading Limited in CONSOB authorization

Milan, 03 July 2023 - Lexia assisted Xconnect Trading Limited, a British investment company specializing in securities and derivatives trading, on its authorisation by the Italian Securities and Exchange Commission (CONSOB) to provide investment services [...]

Lexia with TAS Group in the acquisition of Mitobit

Milan, 27 April 2023 - Lexia assisted Global Payments S.p.A., a company part of TAS Group and directly controlled by TAS S.p.A., a top tier Italian player leader in the software and services supply  for [...]

Lexia with LoanXchain in admission to Regulatory Sandbox

Milan, 3 February 2023 - Lexia assisted LoanXchain, a platform created by MSD Solutions S.r.l., in its admission to the Banca d'Italia's Regulatory Sandbox. LoanXchain is an innovative platform that allows intermediaries to 'tokenize' loans, [...]

Lexia with Brots for first FIMI award in NFT format

Music award to best-selling artist of the year is the first phygital NFT in music history Milan, 26 January 2023 - Lexia assisted the Trentino-based digital company specializing in non-fungible tokens, Brots, in all the [...]

Lexia inaugurates new Milan Headquarters

Milan, 6 December 2022 - Lexia Avvocati has relocated its Milan headquarters to Via del Lauro, 9, in the historical Palazzo Silva di Biandrate located in the heart of Brera. The entire building, divided [...]

Bonelli Erede, Legance and Lexia in Jobtech’s round

Jobtech, a company operating in the field of IT recruiting services, temporary staffing and staff leasing, announced an investment round for a total amount of 7 million euros, with 5 million euros already subscribed by Oltre [...]