LEXIA offers comprehensive and specialized legal advice in the world of gaming, betting, eSports, online media and advertising, providing support to companies operating in the interactive entertainment and e-commerce sectors, as well as those using technologies cutting edge such as metaverse, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchain and other DLT technologies.

The new entertainment industry, which includes companies operating for example in online betting and eSports, is growing and changing rapidly, gaining increasing importance in the global entertainment market. In this highly competitive scenario, standing out and becoming relevant in the market is a challenge that all players must face. To do this, companies must first keep up with a variety of regulations, such as copyright laws, data privacy laws, and laws related to advertising and marketing, which are essential to evoking the consumer trust and protect users.

Thanks to our vertical specialization, we work with our clients to create safe and transparent projects, adopting an innovative and multidisciplinary approach.

Multidisciplinary approach

We offer assistance in protecting intellectual property, licensing, copyright and obtaining concessions. Furthermore, we provide consultancy on compliance, competition and disputes with administrative authorities.

Additionally, we work with game publishers, artists, media agencies and fintech companies to ensure they are protected in the production and marketing of their products by drafting licensing agreements, distribution agreements.

Our privacy and data protection experts draft terms and conditions of service, personal data policies and assist our customers in implementing secure and compliant personal data management processes.

Additionally, working closely with innovative startups and fast-growing companies, we collaborate with the M&A team to manage both sell-side and buy-side deals.

Other practices
We help innovative startups overcome the legal and financial challenges they encounter in the early, middle and final stages of the investment process. We offer a wide range of legal services, from the establishment of ad hoc corporate vehicles to the drafting of business plans, up to the negotiation and drafting of investment agreements. ​
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We have a deep expertise in data protection, intellectual property and technologcal innovation. We offer assistance to our clients on their legal strategies in the light of the market context.
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We strengthen legal excellence through innovation. Discover the initiatives that LEXIA supports to promote the technological development of the legal sector.
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LEXIA presents LexiaVerse, the new virtual office in the Spatial Metaverse.
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