Staying at the forefront of legal development means revolutionizing the way legal processes are performed. LEXIA aims to achieve this by developing cutting-edge LegalTech solutions in-house, fostering the growth of innovative LegalTech startups, and consolidating and developing our leadership position in assisting businesses operating in fast-paced, highly regulated industries.

Cutting-edge LegalTech solutions

Our range of cutting-edge LegalTech solutions are designed to accelerate and simplify operations, improve efficiency and ensure compliance. Our team of professionals, from different areas (from legal, to IT, to administration and operations), work together to achieve different objectives.

  • Global Connectivity: Through a dedicated customer portal, we offer international customers access to essential business services, ensuring efficient communication and support, regardless of location.
  • Evolution of Corporate Governance: Our digital platform (AIEDA) facilitates online voting requests for independent corporate representation, redefining corporate governance standards and promoting transparency and expertise.
  • Efficiency: Our proprietary digital signature platform enables a seamless and compliant signing process, saving time and resources and ensuring transaction security.
  • Documentation: Leveraging AI-powered document creation, our innovative solution enables legal teams to create accurate templates with ease, improving consistency and reducing manual effort.
Strategic investments

Through strategic investments, we cultivate an environment where technology and legal expertise converge to redefine the possibilities of practicing law. In particular, we actively invest in cutting-edge startups to:

  • Stimulate Innovation: By investing in innovative startups, we contribute to the creation of cutting-edge technologies that aim to revolutionize the legal landscape.
  • Create Synergy: Our strategic investments foster a collaborative environment, where synergies between our experience and startup perspectives enable mutual growth.
  • Support change: supporting startups in the LegalTech sector is not just an investment; it is a commitment to advancing new paradigms aimed at redefining the practice of law.
Promotion of innovation

Operating in sectors subject to rapid regulatory evolution, LEXIA combines professionalism and experience to provide consultancy that aligns with the distinct qualities of its clients: creative, specialized and future-oriented.

In a world marked by dynamic and transformative change, we provide tailored solutions that reflect the evolving needs of our clients in some of the most dynamic industries.

Our multidisciplinary teams pool their skills to offer solutions that go beyond traditional interpretations, developing innovative strategies carefully calibrated to the unique characteristics of each client.

By integrating our deep experience across different specializations, both legal and tax, we are able to provide solutions that not only address immediate issues, but also anticipate future opportunities.

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