LEXIA presents LexiaVerse, the new virtual office in the Spatial Metaverse (accessible at this link) which aims to understand the profound impact of emerging technologies on the future of society and business.
With the idea of exploring the dynamics of the metaverse firsthand, we saw in LexiaVerse the possibility of taking advantage of a preferential experimental platform to test its implications, possibilities and limits.


Track records
"LexiaVerse is a significant step towards understanding the intersection of the virtual world and business. At LEXIA, we are dedicated to closely monitoring technological progress and leveraging it for the benefit of our clients, developing more effective services tailored to their needs." - Francesco and Alessandro Dagnino, Managing Partners of LEXIA.
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What is LexiaVerse?

LexiaVerse is the new virtual office that LEXIA has created in the Spatial metaverse.

The space has been carefully curated to reflect the image and values of the studio: despite the intrinsic difference between the virtual environment and our physical office, we have chosen to infuse the space with our distinctive style, ensuring continuity and strengthening our identity . The spatial arrangement, design and elements within LexiaVerse reflect our commitment to coherence and cohesion.


Why did we create it?

LexiaVerse does not aim to be a one-time innovation, but rather a channel for the ongoing exploration of the potential of the metaverse, including for those operating in the legal world.
We are currently pursuing two main objectives to evaluate its potential:

  • Promote Internal Collaboration: LexiaVerse was designed to evaluate the improvement of remote collaboration between professionals and employees of the Firm. With the growing adoption of remote working and the geographical dispersion of our offices, teams have the opportunity to meet in a dynamic, engaging and interactive environment that aims to stimulate the strengthening of bonds between colleagues and therefore improve teamwork.
  • Enhance engagement with customers: the decision to create LexiaVerse is particularly significant also in relation to (especially for companies in the Tech sector). LexiaVerse can become a valuable tool for overcoming geographical distances and offering our customers an effective, interactive and engaging experience. This approach is in line with our commitment to providing excellent service and cultivating long-lasting relationships with our customers.


Join us in shaping the future

The invitation to explore the potential of the metaverse is addressed to all our stakeholders, customers, collaborators, employees, suppliers and partners. Together we can evaluate the advantages and limitations applied to legal services, both in terms of internal collaboration and external relations, with the knowledge that the true impact of this technology has yet to be fully understood.

In the meantime, we’ll share updates and insights as we continue along this journey. We invite you again to participate, share your observations, and contribute to the collective understanding of the possibilities offered by the metaverse.

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